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OptimBright™ Bikini Whitening

OptimBright™ Bikini Whitening

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Step 1: Consultation to address all your skin related concerns. 

Step 2: Cleansing to prepare the skin for treatment.

Step 3: Skin Renew Exfoliation contains trichloroacetic acid (TCA) can help exfoliate the skin. This process helps remove dead skin cells, impurities to reveal new, smooth skin.

Step 4: Sonic Glow Peel Therapy exfoliates the skin with 28,000 vibrations per second, brightens and intensively hydrates the skin.

Step 5: Specially Formulated Gel Application that protects, hydrates and brighten the skin area.

Step 6: Determining of the Amount Of Light based on each customer’s skin condition and pigmentation level.

Step 7: OptimBright™ Skin Lightening Therapy penetrates tissue to destroy pigments. Studies show that this technology can reduce pigmentation by 84.6% after just three sessions. 

Step 8: MultiVitamin-C Mask to brighten, hydrate & soothe the skin.

Step 9: Relaxing Head and Shoulder Massage improves blood circulation, relieves pain & tension, health maintenance.
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