Why OptimBright™ Skin Whitening?

Reduce Pigmentation
Smoothen Out Wrinkles
Reduce Pore Size
Get Rid of Chicken Skin
Balance Uneven Skin

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can I See The Results?

In just 30 minutes, customers can expect immediate visible skin improvements such as a better complexion with a more radiant glow. The results will get better with every subsequent session.

Is This Treatment Suitable for Darker Skin Tones?

Absolutely! We adopt our Signature OptimBright™ Skin Lightening Therapy, which is a safer alternative to the bleaching method and very effective in lightening skin regardless of skin tone.

Is This Treatment Suitable for Men?

Absolutely! OptimBright™ Skin Whitening is an ideal treatment for people troubled by dark pigmentation, uneven skin tone or discolouration at their underarms from within. It is no doubt that both men and women will benefit from it. We ensure our customers will see the same visible results from this treatment regardless of the gender.

Are There Any Hidden Costs

Rest easy as there will be no hidden cost for the whole procedure.

Will I be Pressured Into Buying a Package?

We do not condone any sort of pressure-selling on our clients. We believe that the results of our treatments is the main reason why we attract strong and loyal clients. We personalise treatments according to skin conditions and that is what our customers value in our service.