Personalised Facial Spa Treatment

Personalised Facial Spa Treatment

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A Facial Made for Your Skin's Maintenance

A customised deep cleansing facial for all skin types to clear out blackheads & impurities with skilful handwork; while clearing your skin and tightening your pores. This maximises the effectiveness and efficiency of your at home skincare application, thus accelerating the attainment of your skin goals. Suitable for even sensitive skin types.

1. Skin Consultation
2. Double Cleansing
3. Gentle Exfoliation
4. Sonic Glow Peel Therapy (vibrates 28000 times/sec to gently exfoliate while hydrate the skin)
5. Complimentary Brow Trimming
6. Painless, Effective Extraction
7. Eye and Facial Rejuvenating Massage
8. Personalised Skin Boost Mask Application
9. Relaxing Head & Shoulder Detox Massage
10. Toner, Moisturiser, Sunblock

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