Goodbye Acne Treatment
Goodbye Acne Treatment
Goodbye Acne Treatment
Goodbye Acne Treatment

Goodbye Acne Treatment

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Acne-Free Confidence, At Last

Struggling with stubborn, inflammatory acne that is red, painful and sometimes filled with pus? This professional treatment combats stubborn pimples and acne scarring to restore oily, acne-prone skin to its healthy state. Designed to treat acne from its root issues, it removes comedones (black and white heads), controls bacterial proliferation, inflammation and redness, prevents new acne formation, while purifying, soothing & hydrating the skin epidermis. As a result, stubborn acne and bumpy skin texture will be eradicated to reveal a clear, glowing complexion.

No Oral Medications Required.

1. Skin Consultation + Analysis
2. Deep Facial Cleansing
3. Gentle Exfoliation
4. Sonic Glow Peel Therapy
5. Complimentary Brow Trimming
6. Painless Extraction
7. High Frequency Therapy
8. Acupressure Facial Point Detox Massage
9. Skin Purifying Mask
10. Relaxing Head & Shoulder and Hands Massage
11. Toner, Moisturiser, Sunblock

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* Exclusively for new customers, age 16 and above only.
* Limited to 1 voucher per customer.
* By appointment only.
* IBHSKIN reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.
* Purchases are non-refundable.

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